Frequently Asked


How Can We Reserve Our Date?

Meetings aren’t required but certainly help YOU to know if we are the best fit for your day! Sample albums and books are also available and ready for you to view. Should you decide to proceed with booking, a signed contract and retainer will officially reserve your wedding date. 

Will We Receive A Disc Of Our Images?

We deliver all edited images on a flash drive with printing rights for your personal use. Flash drives are more reliable than discs and work better on newer laptops no longer featuring disc drives. You will receive a print release along with a letter on recommendations on where to print!

How Many Images Will We Receive?

We average 100 edited images per hour that we shoot. Travel time between venues, schedule delays and transitions can factor into this total. Each wedding day is different and unique, so our primary focus is always quality over quantity.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Images?

Images go through our custom editing process after the wedding where we complete basic enhancements. Galleries are posted within 2-4 weeks at which time you’ll receive the links and password. Once your address is confirmed, your package will be mailed!

Why Do You Only Offer One Collection?

Over the years, we have become very familiar with the chaos wedding planning can often bring. Our main goal aside from delivering lovely images is to help you and your family thoroughly enjoy this process. The all-inclusive approach eliminates needless decisions and keeps the over-all investment simple and complete. There is no guessing to how many hours of coverage you need or worrying about missed shots. We are yours for the complete wedding day!

How would you describe your photography style?

You’ve probably come across variations in your search like “dark and moody” or “bright and airy.” We have chosen not to let popular trends dictate our imagery. Timeless. Classic. These are words we and our clients gravitate towards. Our colors, skin tones and editing all speak to the genuine elements within a wedding day. This allows us to visually translate how the moment felt most accurately. Simply put … our style is always relevant and never trendy.


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