Alex & Catherine | Wedding Day

Patrick and I had the privilege of leading this sweet couple through their Church of the Highland's premarital small group. We had already booked Alex and Catherine when we discovered that they were assigned to our group! We simply share with our couples how we've failed and fallen in hopes of giving them a better foundation for success ;) We are constantly  learning and growing in our own marriage ... sharing our experiences with these groups is an incredible opportunity. 

Alex and Catherine have such a tender heart for God. We loved getting to know them both and capturing their memories, too. We invite you to share in the highlights below!



Presenting | Alisha Crossley Photography

We have spent almost a decade with a brand that felt perfect many many years ago. My first logo was created by a talented designer but a clueless photographer. I really had no grasp on who we were or where we truly wanted to go as a brand. Needless to say, we have learned so much over these nine years. We have outgrown our original logo, color scheme and website … or perhaps we have finally grown INTO the brand you see here.  


I am incredibly proud to stand behind this design. Our new color scheme and overall look feels like home to me. Our tender approach and desire to incorporate the polished and candid is all embodied here. Many thanks to our designer Sofia of Magnolia Creative Studio. We are so thankful for all of your hard work! 


My Very Own

This has been a incredibly busy season for us. We are so thankful for our precious clients who stood by and trusted us to serve them even through the last few weeks of pregnancy! We are thrilled to welcome this little caboose - Thaddeus Warren Crossley. Thad is named after  Patrick's late grandfather. Our hearts are full and our life IS crazy at times with all three littles, but it it the best kind of crazy ;) 

Born November 14, 2016. weighing 7lbs. 9oz.  

Chase & Katie | Park Crest, Hoover, AL

Chase panicked while picking out a gift for Katie. It was their first Christmas “together” but the togetherness had not been firmly rooted just yet. Unsure of what they were but certain of what he wanted them to be, sweet Chase frantically picked out beautiful mercury glass vases for Katie. As a last minute addition, he grabbed one single candle for the vase duo. Yes. Just one candle ;) The incident became a sweet story over their courtship. Cool and calm Chase had met the girl that made his heart melt and his palms sweaty.


Katie unwrapped the second candle with laughter and tears on their wedding day. Chase had remembered to complete the set on the same day that he and Katie became one.


Patrick and I were so honored to capture these two. You can see more from their full preview over the next week on our Facebook page! Many thanks to Becky Baker of Becky’s Brides for a flawless wedding day!